Male Plus

Advanced Health Screening incl. cancer for men

This package is suitable for all men who want to a comprehensive current health state whilst highlighting any potential risks for the future including prostate cancer screening.

You will get up to 50 readings, some of which cover the functionality of your main organs such as liver and kidneys. In addition the ECG will highlight any heart rhythm disturbance. The lung function test will be able to highlight your lung output and lung age. Your PSA levels will also be checked, raised levels may be suggestive of prostate cancer and warrant further investigations.

This is our most comprehensive package and designed for the man that wants to have a complete health check including prostate cancer screening. It includes all of the investigations from the Alpha Screen package with the additional Haematology blood profile and Prostate Cancer screening.

✔ 10 year heart disease risk
✔ Peripheral artery disease
✔ Body composition
✔ Biometric analysis

✔ Haematology profile
✔ Prostate cancer screening
✔ Blood pressure



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