Is Your Pet Experiencing...

Diarrhoea, Excessive Itching, Persistent Flatulence, Patches of Missing Hair, Tiredness and Lethargy, and Eating Grass to make themselves sick are signs your pet may have an intolerance or sensitivity to a food or environmental item.
Don't worry! We can help identify pet intolerances or sensitivities with a pain-free test for up to 200 common pet food ingredients and environmental influences via a small fur sample

Dog & Cat Sensitivity At-Home Testing Kits

Our dog and cat tests can help you understand the role food intolerances and sensitivities play in your pets' everyday health.
We have devised specialist tests for cats and dogs using world-renowned bio-resonance technology - working with quantum physics to go one step further.
You're sure to find a test to suit your pets' needs. Our tests provide a topline overview of your pet's reactions, providing the answers you'll need moving forward. 
Dog Intolerance Test
£ 40. 00
Cat Intolerance Test
£ 40. 00

How It Works

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    Purchase Test Online

    Order online or phone. Allow 2 to 5 working days for the delivery of your test collection kit.

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    Collect Your Pet's Fur Sample

    Take a fur sample (4 to 5 hair strands) and complete the enclosed test submission form.

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    Return Your Test

    Enclose both fur sample and (completed) test submission form in the received test box. Then secure the box with the included stamp-addressed sleeve and pop in the nearest post box. Allow 5 to 7 working days for delivery at this time.

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    Receive Results

    Receive emailed PDF results within 3 to 5 Working Days from receipt of pet's fur sample.

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Accredited Bioresonance Testing

We test pet hair. It's less invasive.

Our bioresonance testing process uses fur samples to test against 200 food and non-food items. Fur is used for several reasons:

  • Less invasive
  • No needles necessary and we only require a small fur sample.
  • Test more items
  • Bioresonance testing allows us to test against a larger number of items than a conventional blood test.
  • Fast results
  • Testing is completed quickly and efficiently with results conveniently emailed.
  • Cost-effective
  • Hair testing is actioned much faster in the testing laboratory than blood testing and contains fewer processes, this means it costs less to do the test, which allows us to pass the savings onto our customers.